As more than 67,000 fans made their way out of Lincoln Financial Field last Thursday night after a concert with The Weeknd, one man lost his balance while sitting on an escalator rail and fell approximately 40 feet.

CBS3 reports that a friend has identified the man as Hugo Sanchez, 32, of Philadelphia. Sanchez was rushed to Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia where he was pronounced dead at 12:01 am Friday.

Jammal Ransom said that Hugo Sanchez was 'full of life and full of energy" and it would be hard to find anyone with anything bad to say about him. "Hugo was an awesome person. He loved to travel He was a good friend".

Police did an investigation after the fall and found nothing unusual and no foul play, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Inquirer also reports that Lincoln Financial Field sent an internal message to employees who worked at The Weeknd concert, offering empathy and support to the employees.

“We understand that a serious accident occurred at the concert last night and that many of you may be experiencing a range of emotions. We value our employees and are committed to providing support. As a reminder, there are resources available to assist during difficult times.”

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