🔵 Regina Mullen of Manalapan continues mission for answers on the death of her son

🔵 Kyle Mullen died following 'Hell Week' training with U.S. Navy and very few answers have come out

🔵 Congressman Chris Smith has stepped in to help, Regina demands action of U.S. Congress

It's been more than a year now since Kyle Mullen of Manalapan died following 'Hell Week' training with the U.S. Navy near San Diego.

Tired of waiting for the whole truth and accountability with the Navy, his mom is taking her fight to Congress.

Regina Mullen is hoping congress will establish new protocols for medical response and an independent oversight from an outside company to investigate her son's death and why Kyle wasn't given medical help right away or brough to a hospital.

"They should know how long is too long and if someone if spitting up blood -- how are you treating that? how are you treating VG (viral gastroenteritis)? What are the sub-protocols for?" Mullen said. "I ask these questions; I get no answers."

(Gary Michaels via Remembering Kyle Mullen). Kyle Mullen (Monmouth University)
(Gary Michaels via Remembering Kyle Mullen). Kyle Mullen (Monmouth University)

Regina said she has still yet to receive the full report into what happened with her son including the results of the line of duty and command investigations.

"Right now, it stands -- I'm not briefed on the investigation, nobody's in trouble, I think they just kind of move them around within the Navy -- that's just kind of where it stands right now," Mullen said.

She also wants Congress to change the feres doctrine with what falls under incidents of service to exclude what happens in non-combat training as she believes Kyle died, in part, from medical negligence.

"The way my son died is not incidents of service, that's sheer medical neglect and he should be alive today," Mullen said.

Photo by Bill Normile.
Photo by Bill Normile.

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She said she's received some help with the investigation and in her quest for answers from Jersey Shore U.S. Congressman Chris Smith (R) but wants to keep the momentum going in having changes to protocols implemented for future Seals and reiterates that she wants someone other than the Navy investigating Kyle's death.

"It's like I've been saying from day-one, it needs independent oversight outside the Navy and those protocols set, and incidents of service defined from Congress," Mullen said.

You can listen to the full interview with Regina Mullen on Shore Time with Vin and Dave on 94.3 The Point, right here.

Regina Mullen Part One: 

Regina Mullen Part Two:

Kyle Mullen Navy SEAL candidate Manalapan NJ death 2022 investigation
Kyle Mullen (Monmouth University file/Townsquare Media NJ photo illustration)

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