A 12-year-old student's Tuesday school day was anything but average, full of surprises and tears.

These stories are always the most heartwarming, especial during the holidays.

New Jersey National Guard Sergeant Lia Cater, who had been deployed overseas for nearly a year, surprised her daughter Hailey Allen at Mullica Township Middle School during an assembly.

Needless to say, it was an emotional moment for both, and for everyone watching the reunion.

You can watch Sgt. Cater surprising Hailey below, courtesy of 6abc.com. But, beware, you'll need tissues. I've already cried twice watching it.

Sgt. Cater THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. Your sacrifice, being away from your family while serving and protecting our nation, does not go unnoticed. May you, Hailey, and your whole family enjoy Happy Holidays!

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