With the 4th of July holiday right around the corner and the patriotism freely flowing through the Garden State this weekend, it only makes sense to make that feeling tag at your heartstrings a little bit.

Since everyone here in New Jersey seems to have ties to the military in one way or another, you'll definitely appreciate this little girl's joy when she realizes her marine daddy is home! This little girl is used to her daddy being gone for long periods of time. Since he's a U.S. Marine, she knows he's off fighting the bad guys to protect us.

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When Maci's mommy told her she was to receive a special surprise from daddy, she was convinced it was a big batch of cookies. She was so shocked by what the gift really was that she fell over!

Delaware Online via Facebook

I'm not crying, you are! How can you not feel so happy for this little family?? Thank you to Maci's daddy and all the moms and dads out there who sacrifice time away from their families to serve and protect our country.

Isn't this surprise better than cookies? Lol! How can you not tear up at such a beautiful moment? We've said it before and we'll say it again - THANK YOU to everyone who served and continues to serve for our country.

Have a WONDERFUL Independence Day!

Source: Facebook

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