Since we're getting rid of statues and busts that may be offensive {Hello, Stockton University, I'm talking to you}, I think it's only right that we next tear down that big elephant in Margate!

"Lucy, I'm home!"

Lucy the Elephant has had her run, now it's time to tear her down. After all, she's an elephant for Pete's sake!

Elephants are no longer welcome in circuses, so why would we want one overlooking our beach-badge-needed beach?

It's outrageous to think that in 2017 we are still glorifying this gray area of our past. That's a lot of gray area!

OMG! Did you know that Lucy is a .... pachyderm!

Each and every day, dozens of people - some from other countries - are climbing up inside and walking in that big beast! That can't be right!

Have we not learned that an elephant never forgets?

One more thing -- she's NAKED! We can't have naked elephants towering over little children!

Tear down that elephant, Margate, one tusk at a time!




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