We live at the beach - or pretty near the beach - and I've always been amazed to find out that there are people who live here who have NEVER been to the beach!

I mean never! They've never walked on the beach, along the water, in the surf - nothing!

How is that possible?

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Here are 5 South Jersey bucket list places

Thanks to a bunch of residents, we've come up with a list of places some locals have never been to, that they feel they need to.

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1. The Beach.

I mean, come on. Just drive east, you'll hit it eventually. Go there today, park your car, take off your shoes, and walk around. You'll feel better immediately!

Lucy the Elephant in Margate
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2. Lucy the Elephant.

This is really America's ORIGINAL roadside attraction! It's in Margate, overlooking the beach. You've only seen her in photos? How is that possible?

Jess from Tuckahoe has never been there, same with Clare.

NASCAR K&N Pro Series East JustDrive.com 125
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3. New Jersey Motorsports Park.

This is a good one. In Millville. Check them out here.

You can watch car races, and motorcycle races, and if you want to participate, go Go-Karting!

Great suggestion from Johnny!

Tony's Baltimore Grill, Atlantic City
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4. Tony's Baltimore Grill.

A great Atlantic City restaurant that's been around forever!

Jade's suggestion was one of many local restaurants that were mentioned. Michelle mentioned Outlaw Burger Barn in Vineland, and Courtney said Peter Shields Inn in Cape May.

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Cowtown Rodeo
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5. Cowtown Rodeo.

In Woodstown, one of the oldest regularly held rodeos in the country. Yes, here in South Jersey!

Thanks, Ro, for the great suggestion!

That's just five. If you're never been to any of these places, you certainly can easy cross them off your South Jersey Bucket List soon!

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