Who remembers getting drunk in Margate?

Was that last year of last week?

Lucy the Elephant in Margate
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Introducing the song, Drunk in Margate

I got served an ad on Facebook that led me down a rabbit hole. On the other side, I came across a rather interesting tune called, Drunk in Margate. (You can check it out below.)

The song is full of shout-outs to Margate landmarks like Lucy the Elephant, Maynard's, Tomato's, Steve and Cookies, the beach, and more.

The song even references "about to fight some lifeguards."

Tropical Storm Hermine Impacts New Jersey Coast
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Where did the song come from

The song is from what appears to be a brand new company called 1 for 1 Song. Their Facebook page is brand new, and the company does have a website.

The company is pushing its ability to produce a song for any occasion - starting at $19.99.

Got a special birthday coming up? Get an individualized song made for the occassion.

I'm not sure if the songs are made my real people, or it's just another example of AI (Artificial intelligence) taking over the world.

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Check out Drunk in Margate

Here's the song - we found it on YouTube. As of this writing, it only had 14 views.

We're not sure if this is a "personalized" song, or what.

Before you listen, know it's not safe for work. (The "F-word" pops up now and then.)

Hey, if the Drunk in Margate song is out there, what's next? Got Arrested in Mays Landing? Dated a Girl from Linwood?

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