🍔 What's your favorite meal at McDonald's?

🍔 Everybody has a McDonald's go-to.

🍔 You might notice something different with yours in the new year.

Get ready to experience a lot of changes coming to your local McDonald's restaurant in the new year. Before you moan and groan, yes, we know change is hard, but just know you'll likely be excited about the changes McDonald's has in store for their restaurants in 2024.

You see, the folks over at McDonald's have been hard at work doing research to find out what customers are really wanting to see from their burgers in the future. If you find yourself in the McDonald's drive-thru more often than any other fast food restaurant, you'll definitely be pleased to hear their plans.

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McDonald's has been busy in their test kitchens and have come up with the following findings:

- more sauce is required on certain burgers

- improvement to the buns is necessary

- the produce used on sandwiches could be fresher

We now know thanks to our friends at Delish.com, since Mickey D's has been able to gather that information, they plan on rolling out the following changes once the new year is upon us:

  1. Six patties will be grilled at a time instead of eight for the auto-cooking mechanism to apply less pressure and retain more burger patty juices
  2. Big Macs will get more sauce
  3. Buttery brioche buns will be used and sliced with a thicker bottom to retain heat
  4. Sesame seeds will be more randomly scattered on buns to give a homier look
  5. Cheese will be taken out of refrigerators sooner so it melts more during cooking
  6. Onions will be rehydrated after purchase for more juiciness
  7. Lettuce and pickles will be stored in smaller containers so they must be refreshed more often

I don't get Big Macs that often, but I can attest to the fact that the last few times I've gotten one, they have been skimping on the sauce a bit. Most people will find this all to be good news, right? The brioche buns sound pretty yummy!

We'll have to wait until 2024 to see all of this come to fruition. Let's see if it actually happens.

Source: Delish.com

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