Sports have essentially been cancelled until further notice. Even though the 2020 season hasn't even started yet, that includes Major League Baseball.

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While the thought of not having a 2020 season is an upset to fans and players alike, the idea to push forward with the season if changes are made to adjust to the current mandates put in place thanks to COVID-19 doesn't necessarily sit too well with everyone. That includes South Jersey native and LA Angels player Mike Trout.

Speaking to NBC Sports 'Lunch Talk Live' host Mike Tirico, Trout revealed his thoughts about the plans being talked about to ensure all players are kept away from potential infection.

Trout told Mike Tirico that the idea of being restricted to just a hotel room after playing the game while in theory probably makes sense, doesn't seem an effective enough way for the players to push forward into the 2020 season.

You have to see his point. Imagine if you were quarantined to a less than 600-700 square foot space this entire time? Sure, some people's studio apartments are that big, but if some of the players have to share rooms, that could get pretty crazy rather quickly.


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