It seems like more and more people are getting reported missing from the South Jersey area with each passing month. Whether or not that statement is accurate remains to be seen, however it may feel that way because of the existence of social media.

When it comes to attempting to locate a missing person, that's an instance in which we should be grateful for its existence. The more people aware of the situation, the better. The more eyes that are peeled for the person reported missing, the better.

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That's especially true in the case of a man who was initially reported missing from Pleasantville, Atlantic County. Police were asking the locals to be on the lookout for a man by the name of Shain Nelson who had not reportedly been seen since the beginning of the month. The last sighting of Nelson confirmed by police at the time of the initial report was June 10th.

The cops shared the missing man's identity to social media, as many departments do. Luckily, the case had a happy ending this time. South Jersey know all too well, however, that this particular end is not always the outcome.

It isn't certain whether or not the authorities were able to locate Mr. Nelson as a result of their plea on social media, but it definitely didn't hurt the situation to make people aware of his status.

Now, thankfully, police have confirmed via an update on their original Facebook post that his whereabouts have been identified and that he is safe. Check it out for yourself below:

Source: Facebook

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