When it comes to bagels, New Jersey wants it all...and then some.

Bagel preferences are very personal, but not if you ask me. I'm equal opportunity all bagel flavors and all bagel toppings.

Plain with peanut butter and jam, Cinnamon Raisin with butter, Everything with cream cheese, Rye with smoked salmon...OMG, I can't turn down a bagel. I'm passionate about bagels, lol.

The people at Shane Co. and The Loupe are, too, and that's why they went on a search to narrow down America's bagel preferences.

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Based on responses from more than 3,000 citizens, it was determined that this country is clearly OBSESSED with the Everything Bagel.

Diane Alkier/Unsplash
Diane Alkier/Unsplash

It's the kind of bagel most of the United States prefers, including New Jersey!

Shane Co. also found that majority of Americans who spread cream cheese on their bagels prefer it to be plain, and that the most popular bagel topping is eggs.

courtesy shaneco.com via Go Fish Digital
courtesy shaneco.com via Go Fish Digital

So, what's your favorite bagel flavor and what do you like on it? Let us know!

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