A brand new U.S. Navy ship is currently being built and is set to be completed in 2021.

You're familiar with the Battleship NJ that's currently stationed on the Camden waterfront, yes? Well, there's a brand new submarine under construction in Virginia that will soon call itself 'New Jersey'.

NJ.com reports the SSN-796 nuclear attack submarine is about 43% completed. Various companies are taking part in building the ship. The construction happens piece by piece, with two companies building different parts of the ship. Once all parts are completed, the final step is to fuse them together. NJ.com says, "Virginia-class submarines are built in dozens of individual modular sections, which are then joined together in open ends of hull sections to form the ship during final assembly."

What exactly is a "Virginia-Class" submarine? The Largest Dams Youtube channel gives you a tour.

The new NJ ship will measure at 377 feet long with super huge price tag to match: about $2.7 billion to be exact.

Source: NJ.com, Youtube

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