MTV has a new show premiering on Monday March 31st, it's called 'House of Food.'  MTV has jumped on the bandwagon of food based reality shows that Bravo, the Food Network and the Travel Channel have long been broadcasting.

MTV's latest reality show is a little bit of 'Top Chef' and a little bit of 'The Real World.'  A lineup of chefs, without formal culinary training, will live in a house together (This is the true story... of seven strangers... picked to live in a together and have their lives taped....) and compete to win an apprenticeship.

The show concept comes from three brothers from Philadelphia.  Brian Duffy is a chef in Philadelphia and a food consultant.  His brothers Mike and Tim Duffy run a studio in Los Angeles.  The perfect ingredients needed for this type of show. posted a great article about the brothers and the show today, you can read it here.

Fans of MTV and 'The Real World' will love this concept.  And people that love food and love to watch people make food on TV will love this show.

That's me!

'House of Food' will premiere Monday night on MTV at 10pm.

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