"Nashville" is finally back after its winter hiatus.  And I couldn't be happier!  Between "Nashville" and "American Idol," Wednesday nights will be full of music!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves.  Last Wednesday, a lot happened on the show, so let's go through it -

Rayna hits the road (sans family), Juliette and her new mama-in-law aren't getting along so well and Scarlett is in the band!

So, Juliette and Sean get it on for the first time, since they're legally married now.  But, in the meantime, Rayna is waiting on Juliette to show up to the recording studio.  Obviously, Juliette's mind is somewhere else...

When Juliette finally shows up, Rayna is none-too-impressed by her new bling, but wants to get the details of the new tour straight - as in, the tour starts soon, like Sunday!  Rayna has no desire to stick around at home.  Not with her hubby Teddy's shenanigan's.  And Rayna tells Teddy that she's leaving for the tour with their two daughters.  Teddy fights, and in the end, I guess he wins that battle.  But Rayna kind of comes to her senses.

In turn, Juliette has to interact with Sean's parents, who obviously hate her.  Sean's mom agrees to a huge wedding that Saturday.  What?  Mom just wants to get this thing over with.  She's pretty mad with the whole situation.


However, the episode ends with Juliette in a wedding dress, boarding her private jet instead of walking down the aisle.


So much more happens in the episode, some back stabbing (Rayna's daddy, Maddie's real daddy...), some Deacon depression (he really wants to be on the big tour with Rayna and not the Revel Kings) and some mama drama (Juliette and her mama will never be friends...)

But I can't wait until the next episode to see how Sean and his family deal with Juliette's disappointment.  He seems to really like Juliette a lot, poor guy.  I have a feeling that she's broken a lot of hearts before!

Oh, and Avery is still a dummy.  Left his band out to dry and Scarlett swooped up and took his place in the band!  But it's not forever, Scarlett knows her heart (and paycheck...) is with Gunnar.  Sweet Gunnar, I like him!

Best quote of the episode -

Juliette to Rayna: "You hate me."

Rayna: "I only hate sunburns and hangovers."

Me too, Rayna, me too.