I hate to say it, kids, but it's true. Summer is coming to an end. Only a few more weeks of freedom before it's back to school time. Pretty soon, we'll be breaking out the sweaters and Ugg boots and whisking the family off to the pumpkin patch.

Now, don't get me wrong, I won't be rushing out to go apple picking anytime soon. I love summer. Local summer is right around the corner. While everybody else is sweating in their oversized sweatshirts and booties, I'll still be on the beach in my bikini soaking up the few weeks left of the 80+ degree weather.

The end of August does mean, though, that parents will be heading out to the store to stock up on all the things their kids will need for the upcoming school year. School supply shopping: remember those days? It was fun when your parents did it for you. Now, though, it can be a hassle. Some schools apparently haven't even sent out their school supply lists yet.

That's what a few people within the Egg Harbor Township school district were saying on Facebook recently. Apparently, they had no idea what exactly was required for the upcoming school year. This is why social media is so great. Luckily, a few residents commented where you can find this year's school supply list on the school district's website.

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Apparently, you scroll to the bottom of the page. You use the drop-down menu that'll ask you which school your student attends. Once you enter that, then you'll be taken to a list of school supplies that school is requesting for the new year.

If you're wanting to wait until you get your official list in the mail, be aware that a lot of the supplies will be slim pickings by then. For those of you that want to get a jump on shopping now, that's how you can find out the basics your child will need for school this year.

Happy shopping!

Source: Facebook

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