Some people just can't keep South Jersey out of their mouths.

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That's all well and good, keep talking about us... we love it! But, sometimes it's like listening to a broken record. Don't you get annoyed when you hear the shoobies and bennies describe us as "touchy," "bossy," "too opinionated," "extra," and/or "loud?" Don't get me wrong, you probably have the same retort back to them that I use.... which probably isn't appropriate verbiage to be featured in this article. Let's just say, it's basically a sassier way of saying "take it or leave it."

There are certain adjectives that you've just grown accustomed to hearing yourself described as if you're from this area. Most, we can just shrug our shoulders at and move on. Some, on the other hand, just shouldn't be said at all. Especially if there's a reason why we talk, act, or think like that.

So, without further ado, please feel free to pass along the following list of words and/or phrases that shouldn't be said to ANYONE from South Jersey. Chances are, you know someone who needs to know these....

1.) "Is South Jersey Really That Different?"

For one, you won't hear this from someone that's familiar with the Delaware Valley. Why? Because these people are all-too-familiar with the North/Central/South Jersey debate. However, say you're headed off to college and have a roommate from out of state or somewhere outside of a 100-mile radius, then you're likely to have to explain to them not only the regional differences between the three areas of the state, but why they're so different. Best to start off with the fact that South Jersey isn't the concrete jungle everyone pictures Jersey to be.

2.) "South Jersey Drivers Are The Worst Drivers"

So, this is 100% false. You hear this comment a lot particularly in the summer when so many people from out-of-state come to the beach. I'm sorry, we're the crappy drivers when we're all trying to get on with our everyday lives but you're going 5 miles under the speed limit? I don't think so!

We're not the bad drivers, here..... think about it.

3.) "What's A Wawa?"

This is a question that should basically be outlawed by every branch of South Jersey law enforcement, IMO. It should be a law that if you've never entered a Wawa, you must do so before going about your business in this part of the region. I mean, let's be real.... if you don't know why Wawa is literally the best, then you just haven't experienced it.

Wawa is just that.... an experience.

4.) "It's called 'Italian Ice'"

If someone tries to correct you regarding the correct name of the delicious dessert you get from Rita's, you respond with this and only this: "NOT HERE, IT'S NOT!"

Tell them they're in South Jersey now and here we call it "water ice". If I ever call it "Italian ice", you need to take me to the doctor because something would be seriously wrong with me.

5.) "You Can't Pump Your Own Gas?"

Nope! Sure can't! Well, to be honest, I actually do know how to pump my own gas, but if you ask me the last time I had to, I couldn't tell ya. And let me say this: when it's the dead of winter and it's basically too cold outside to function, you're reminded of how lucky you are to live here.

Still illegal to pump your own gas here (well, in all of NJ) and couldn't be more proud of that fact!

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