This Sunday is Mother's Day. What would normally be a day of brunching with family and friends for a lot of moms will be a day spent at home with the same people she's been stuck in the house with for the last 5+ weeks.

Multiple surveys and studies have shown that Mother's Day festivities represent the greatest excitement for a huge percentage of moms in the U.S. Yes, even more than their own birthdays. While it is, of course, important for children to acknowledge their mothers, it looks like it's even more important for husbands and dads to do so.

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You might want to take that advice seriously, guys. An infidelity website,, released info that shows a huge spike in their female clientele the day after Mother's Day. The website cited the reason for this upswing is a lingering feeling of being undervalued and unloved after having a crappy Mother's Day.

So, what does that mean? Well, if you don't want your wife to even get the thought in her head about the possibility of an affair, make sure you show her you love and appreciate all she does by going out of your way to broadcast it. ESPECIALLY, THIS YEAR! She's playing the role of chef, housekeeper, school teacher, and employee during the quarantine, so give her the acknowledgement she deserves. You know you'll get the same for Father's Day, so make sure your wife and mother of your children knows how you feel about her. Don't say "it's a holiday for the kids to celebrate her." Nope, it's for you, too.

You've been warned.


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