It's the most savory day of the year! Happy National Pretzel Day, ya'll!

Today's the perfect day to forget about your diet and throw your no-carb or low-carb rule out the window. If you do, you won't have to pay much for an NJ favorite!

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In celebration of National Pretzel Day, Jersey residents can take advantage of some free offers from a few awesome pretzel spots that are offering you FREE (or basically free) pretzels TODAY ONLY. These sweet, or should I say salty, deals aren't just on soft pretzels, either. You'll be able to take to social media for your shot at a bag of regular pretzels thanks to one particular snack brand.

Let's start with soft pretzels first...

1.) Philly Pretzel Factory

New Jersey residents can head over to their local Philly Pretzel Factory all day today and pick up one warm free soft pretzel. They even threw up a reminder on Instagram last night so you wouldn't forget to stop in!

2.) Auntie Anne's

Today's the day to head on over to your closest Auntie Anne's to hook yourself up with some of the THE BEST pretzels ever. I say that because when I was little, middle school-ish age, I would always go to the mall on Friday nights with my friends and get an Auntie Anne's pretzel and one of those sweet Chillatta drinks from Cinnabon. Since it was, pretty much, a weekly tradition for me, I've still got a soft spot in my heart for Auntie Anne's. You can score a free pretzel from them today, too! Just download their app and follow the directions.

3.) Snyder's of Hanover

So, this one's not as easy as just running over to a specific location, but this will pay off at a later date. The snack brand Snyder's of Hanover is giving away free pretzel pieces for ONE WHOLE YEAR! Yep, a year's supply of pretzels is up for grabs. They've got all the information about how to enter to win on their Instagram page. Check out the post below:

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A post shared by Snyder's of Hanover (@snyders_hanover)

Happy National Pretzel Day, fam! Enjoy your free snack, New Jersey.

Source: Instagram

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