I was a weird kid.

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I'm definitely an original even in adulthood, I'll tell you that. I knew what I liked back then and it still holds true now. I wasn't a huge fan of candy. I know, shocking right? What kid doesn't like candy? It's not that I didn't like it, per se. I just preferred salty flavors more. I enjoy a candy bar on the very rare occasion, but coming from someone who didn't even really enjoy cake as a kid, you can understand why the following news would excite someone like me.

Kids look forward to Halloween and Easter for one reason: the candy. The candy they get from Halloween holds them over til the Easter Bunny comes in spring to fill their baskets. Even though I wasn't that kid that would gobble up their candy bag within a week (I had candy left over from Halloween on Easter), I still LOVED trick-or-treating. I would sometimes get more excited over the alternatives homeowners chose to give away rather than candy.

Contrary to popular opinion, I'm sure, I LOVED scoring the little pretzel bags. Most kids would complain because they're out solely for the sweets, but my salt-loving self had a huge smile on her face when she walked away from a house with pretzels. Chalk it up to being weird, I don't know. It's just what I liked.


Philly Pretzel Factory in Egg Harbor Township shared to their Facebook page that you now have the option of purchasing free pretzel tickets to give away on Halloween if you were looking to switch up the usual candy disbursement. You remember those houses that would give away the free Wendy's Frosty coupons, don't you? These are the equivalent to those.

Trust me when I say, the kids like me will thank you for it.

Source: Facebook


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