It's a fact that I just can't wrap my head around: New Jersey doesn't have a state drink!

Say what?

Sorry. You're probably not going to be able to sleep either!

New Jersey does have a state horse, a state dinosaur, a state fish, a state dance (Square Dance!), a state flower, a state shell, a state reptile (no, not Governor Murphy...), a state bird, a state tall ship, and a state tree. We even have a state fruit (blueberry), a state bug (Honey Bee), and a state ship.

Other states have official beverages, why don't we?

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Pennsylvania's official beverage is milk. Same for Delaware. Ditto on the milk for New York. All the states that touch our state have raised up milk as their official beverage. Why don't we? Or, is there a different beverage that we should be enjoying en masse?

Back to the milk for a second. 28 different states have an official beverage, according to Wikipedia. Of those 28, 20 celebrate milk as their official state beverage! (This doesn't include the state of New Hampshire that has something called "coffee milk" as it's official drink! Coffee milk is defined as drink " made by mixing coffee syrup or coffee extract and milk together in a manner similar to chocolate milk." Yuck!)

Maybe New Jersey isn't "all in " on milk. Some state aren't - they have different state beverages. Here's a look at some of those states and their corresponding beverages:

Alabama: Conecuh Ridge Whiskey

Arizona: Lemonade

Florida: Orange Juice

Massachusetts: Cranberry Juice

New Hampshire: Apple Cider

Ohio: Tomato Juice

Hmm... I've heard the Flordia/orange juice connection before, so that makes sense. What do we have in New Jersey that would be a similar match-up? We do grow a lot of cranberries, but you really don't see a lot of cranberry juice being drunk - well, unless it's accompanied by vodka. (Actually there was a movement a couple years ago to make cranberry juice the state drink. We don't know what happened to that idea.)  We produce a lot of corn and blueberries, but there's really no corn drink, and I would think blueberry juice would cause a lot of stains.

There is the Jersey tomato thing - but Ohio already worships Tomato Juice, and we don't want to be no copycats! (NOTE: Improper grammar used on purpose.)

Honestly, I think we need to stay away from any kind of juice. I don't feel it.

How about alcohol? Yes, please, make mine a double!

Actually I don't see an alcohol drink being the answer either. We consume a lot of beer and wine - but, especially these day, so does everyone else.

Which brings us back to milk. Meh.....

When you thing about it, there's not really a unique-to-New-Jersey beverage that everyone in the state enjoys.

Water? Too simple, right?

Coffee? Come on, everyone in every state drinks coffee! Well, everyone except me.

Think about when you go out in New Jersey. What do you drink? What about on one of the state's boardwalks? Is there a specific drink everyone lines up for?

What about Water Ice? Not really a drink, right? Grandma's sauce/gravy? Well, we're not really drinking that, are we? Maybe we should start!

So, what do you think? If New Jersey had a state beverage, what would it be? Leave your comments in the comments section.  We thirst for your knowledge!

SOURCE: Wikipedia



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