You may have seen articles circulating social media about the "terrifying" zombie snake. This peculiar snake plays dead like an opossum as a defense mechanism. The internet is dubbing this snake as the "zombie snake," which makes a good headline right?

The hognose snake, or also known as a puff adder in the southern states, is found all over the United States and is this "zombie snake." This adorable snake is being featured on major news channels all over the country. The front of the snake's head has a slight upturn, giving it a pig-like appearance.

Just like opossums play possum, hognose snakes play dead as a way to protect themselves. Most animals won't eat what's already dead, which makes this a great way to stay alive.


Don't do what this guy did...don't mess with wild animals.

Hognose snakes are non-venomous and are not known for biting humans.

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