Since the start of the pandemic, it's not been the easiest thing to do business at New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, especially if you're waiting to get a driver's license. However, a new concept being tested by NJMVC could help.

If you've got a teen of permit age in your household, then you both know the permit and driver's license struggle is REAL right now. Lines are long and the wait longer if you visit an MVC in person.

During a press conference Wednesday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy unveiled a Mobile MVC to help drivers get the permit needed to put them on a path to obtaining their first driver’s license, reports

As of mid-week, Motor Vehicle Commission reportedly had zero appointments available anywhere in New Jersey to take the written test or even apply for a permit.

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But, if successful, the Mobile MVC could "add hundreds of test appointments [to the calendar] over the next few months," according to MVC Chief Administrator Sue Fulton.

Passaic Community College in Wanaque will be the veritable "guinea pig" for the remote Motor Vehicle Commission experiment beginning Saturday, September 25th, by appointment only.

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