A new study finds that New Jersey residents trust owners of pit bulls the least of all dog breed owners.

The study was commissioned by the personal injury law firm, Bisnar Chase.

The survey asked 3,000 people nationwide about their encounters with dogs and owners and asked them to name which dog breed owners they trust the least.

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In New Jersey, people don't trust owners of pit bulls

In the state of New Jersey, residents indicated that pit bull owners were the least trustworthy.

Often when there's a dog attack it sparks a lot of debate about whether the problem is an inherent problem with the breed - or it's a problem with the owners and how they train and care for their dogs.

In New Jersey, owners of pit bulls are the least trusted, but that could be the case because of how the media and others portray pit bull attacks. Controversial headlines certainly can add fuel to the fire, so to speak.

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Photo by Cierra Voelkl on Unsplash
Photo by Cierra Voelkl on Unsplash

Are pit bulls dangerous?

While some may say "all pit bulls are dangerous", many pit bull owners would be eager to say otherwise.

In the study, the editors point out, "Pit bull advocates argue that pit bulls can be among the most loyal and affectionate breeds when raised in a loving and well-trained environment."

In the study's conclusion, Bisnar Chase, a law firm that handles dog attack cases, editors note, "We have witnessed firsthand the complex issues surrounding large dog breeds and public safety. If given proper training and care, most dogs are not inherently a threat to public safety. The real issue arises when owners neglect their fundamental responsibility to train and socialize their pets."

Find out more about the study here.

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