💖 New Jersey loves love.

💖 Residents get super invested in their favorite couples.

💖 The Garden State's ultimate favorite TV couple has been revealed

Sure, the likelihood of our own personal relationships working out the way they do on TV is a long shot. But, that's why we LOVE watching them so much. Who doesn't love the idea of love?

Couples in our favorite shows are a lot funnier and more complex than a bunch of us are in our real-life ships. It's a fact. That's why so many of us feel like our real relationships never live up to our expectations in our heads. TV just makes everything look so juicy and interesting.

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Not real life, we know. Still, we can't stop fantasizing about what it would be like if our real relationships were like the ones we watch on our favorite TV shows.

Most popular TV couples

Who doesn't have a favorite TV couple?

-Olivia & Fitz from Scandal


-Meredith and McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy


-Ross & Rachel from Friends


The list could go on forever, to be honest.

None of these, however, have captured the hearts of Jersey residents like NJ's all-time favorite TV couple.

New Jersey's favorite TV couple

Shocked the answer's not Ross Geller and Rachel Green from Friends? You're not the only one. While Ross and Rachel's love will go down as one of the most epic storylines of all time, New Jersey's not as impressed with it as they are with a certain lawyer and his one-time secretary.

If you haven't figured it out by now, the couple from TV New Jersey loves the most is Harvey and Donna from Suits.


It's a similar vibe to that of Rip and Beth from Yellowstone, except Donna would be the Rip in this scenario and Harvey would be Beth. A forbidden love that FINALLY comes to fruition. One in which both parties can be completely and unapologetically themselves. What's not to love?

Here's to hoping you find the Harvey to your Donna, and vice versa.

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