"Chester the Terrible" has returned safely after escaping Johnson Park in Piscataway. The peacock escaped the animal haven on Monday, which kicked off a Facebook search for the exotic bird. Highland Park Police Department took to their Facebook page asking for help from the community.

In their post the police department explained that there was an unsuccessful attempt to capture Chester, "This peacock, who we will name 'Chester the Terrible', has taken off from the animal pens in Johnson Park! Chester took off yesterday, you might have seen us chasing it unsuccessfully in the area of Cedar Lane. Unfortunately we [can't] fly. So Chester got the better of us!"

The police requested that no one attempt to capture Chester the Terrible on their own and provided a number for anyone who saw Chester to call.

Luckily yesterday afternoon, Chester the Terrible decided the escapee life wasn't for him and made his way back home.

Highland Park Police Department shared the great news via Facebook "So after some long hard detective work, our friend Chester has returned. [Unfortunately] it was not due to our excellent detectives, or awesome patrol officers. Our gallivanting peafowl returned on his own because he missed his friends. a few nights on the lamb apparently made him realize what he was missing!"

Whoever wrote that post deserves a raise.

This story was made for witty comments. Arthur B. commented, "CHESTER HAS TURNED HIMSELF IN> Will Plea- bargain down to House Arrest and Community Service at the Zoo."

Welcome home Chester.

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