You've heard us say it time and time again; here in Jersey, we have some pretty big hearts. That's true at least for those of us that live in the southern region of the Garden state.

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It's really common to hear about people giving back to their communities during the holiday season. Whether it's donating toys to needy kids, participating a food drive, or even offering up some funds to organizations like the Salvation Army, most people try to reach a bit further into their pockets to extend a helping hand this time of year more than any other. Apparently, though, New Jersey could be doing a better job.

A new study shows that when compared to the rest of the United States, New Jersey falls in the bottom half of the rankings for most charitable states in the country. Of course, the past few years have been out-of-the-ordinary for everybody, especially those of us here in Jersey. For one, the COVID-19 pandemic hit NJ hard. Because of that, a lot of volunteering opportunities disappeared in an effort to keep people safe.

Still, when looking at the rest of the states, the study shows that New Jersey is actually one of the richest yet least charitable states in the country. Look...

Source: WalletHub

Overall, NJ comes in at number 30 out of 50 for charitable donations. Sure, there are 20 states less charitable than we are, but it's still weird to hear that Jersey falls so low in the rankings.

Is it okay to blame North Jersey for this? Asking for a friend.


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