It has to be said that one of the absolute worst aspects of the pandemic, besides the illness itself, has been the separation from family and friends.

Being on lockdown started to take its toll on most of months ago, but imagine those in our society who aren't part of the social media generations. How isolated they must feel; it's such a shame when you look at it from that perspective. Personally, I'm convinced that not only have people passed from COVID-19 itself, but also from the environment we're forced to live in due to the coronavirus. Having to remain isolated from those your close to without any other form of contact besides the telephone must be soul-crushing.

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Social media lessoned the burden for the majority of us since we have the ability to FaceTime, use apps like Zoom or Houseparty, etc. Imagine going a whole year or more without even seeing your siblings' faces? That's what happened to the Langley sisters of Gloucester County. The COVID-19 pandemic has kept the apart for a year, but now, thanks to the vaccine, they've finally been able to reunite. reports that the four sisters (age 89-97) were able to break their isolation when they all showed up Tuesday to receive their vaccines. The sisters went to Inspira Medical Center in Mullica Hill to have their vaccines administered which was the first time they've laid eyes on each other for almost a full year. When asked about what they were most excited about getting to do once they were vaccinated, they said all they wanted was to be reunited with each other.

I'm not crying, you're crying.



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