United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew has offered his first public comments since the fatalities that occurred at what is being referred to as an “unsanctioned car show,” which took place this weekend in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Van Drew is stepping-up tonight to praise the response of law enforcement and wants those responsible to be held accountable for their actions.

Van Drew also takes aim at the current soft-on-crime approach that is currently in effect at the national level.

Rep. Jeff Van Drew
Rep. Jeff Van Drew (Rep. Jeff Van Drew)

I want to thank the police officers, first responders, EMT's, and firefighters for assisting those harmed in this reckless incident. Across the country we are watching
leaders implement weak-on-crime policies and continually disrespect our police and first responders. For years now, far-left Democrats have ridiculed our police and sought to strip police funding and to no surprise, crime has skyrocketed. When leaders diminish and
demean our police officers, this translates to individuals believing this type of behavior is acceptable and will go unpunished. And now we are seeing it right here at home in South Jersey. President Biden and the Democrat majority in Congress must stop allowing career criminals to walk the streets, we must detain individuals for heinous crimes up until trial, and prosecutors must follow the rule of law when issuing sentences.

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We just spoke with Van Drew who said:

"It is far past time that our lawmakers make it known that those who commit crimes and threaten law-abiding Americans is absolutely unacceptable and that punishments will be severe. Our police officers need to be supported and funded to ensure that Americans are safe and protected. I will ensure this support is provided and make clear that these types of crimes have no room in South Jersey.

My thoughts and deepest condolences are with the families and loved ones of those who were killed."

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