There is a wonderful opportunity for Hamilton Township (Atlantic County) to receive a very important grant award that would greatly benefit the taxpayers.

And, you don’t have to live in Hamilton Township in order to help them achieve it.

If they succeed, it can save the taxpayers of Hamilton Township and County of Atlantic taxpayers millions of dollars in costs to make necessary repairs to the Lake Lenape Dam.

The project will be paid for on a 50/50 basis between the Township of Hamilton and County of Atlantic.

Here is a direct link to the Lake Lenape Dam Grant. They need a minimum of 500 signatures to qualify for the grant award process.

Lake Lenape Dam Grant Petition

Again, you don’t have to live in Hamilton Township in order to sign the above petition. It’s open to all to participate.

Hamilton Township Deputy Mayor Carl Pitale is running point on this important effort.

We reached out to Pitale for comment:

“We, Atlantic County and the Township of Hamilton, along with the help of Congressman (Jeff) Van Drew, are applying for federal grants to help offset the cost of replacing the Lake Lenape Dam.

The dam is more than 110 years old and has undergone various repairs through the years. At this point, it has lived past its life expectancy and is now in need of a complete replacement.

The new design will help control lake levels much easier, which will help control a water levels upstream and on the lake, where flooding is an issue. As for downstream, replacing the dam will remove it from the Division of Dam Safety “High Hazard” list.

This has been a long time coming and with the help of Congressman Van Drew, hopefully we will win a grant!!

We need as many people as possible to sign the petition, showing how important this piece of infrastructure is to our community!

You don’t have to live in the Township of Hamilton to sign, anyone can sign,” concluded Pitale.

Lake Lenape - Hamilton Township (Atlantic County)
Lake Lenape - Hamilton Township (Atlantic County)

We also reached out to Hamilton Township Mayor Charles Cain, who is always looking for ways to save money on behalf of the taxpayers of Hamilton Township.

Cain shared:

In a committee form of government, it takes teamwork to accomplish great things for your residents. I couldn’t be more proud of the Great work Deputy Mayor Pitale has done. He’s has taken a process that was stalled for decades and brought it to the forefront, not only will we have a necessary New Dam for personal and economic safety , but his forward thinking will make it a focal point for our township, residents and visitors alike,” said Cain.

Police Chief Gregory K. Ciambrone is a key figure in Hamilton Township ... and he is bringing his full support behind this important public effort.

As the Chief of Police and the Director of Emergency Management, the Dam Committee has my full support as it seeks to obtain signatures from township residents to help secure federal funding to offset the cost of replacing the Lake Lenape Dam.  Although there is not an immediate threat to township residents, there is a concern to the welfare and safety of the immediate and surrounding areas due to the dam exceeding its life expectancy and dangerously deteriorated condition.

Mayor Cain shared with us how supportive and helpful Congressman Van Drew has been, “since the moment we first contacted him,” said Cain.

The repairs to the Lake Lenape Dam are critically important. This is one of those moment of truth occasions, whereby everyone can step-up and help.

Take a brief moment of your time and sign the petition. Also, send the link (below) along to as many people as you can.

Here’s the direct link to sign the petition:

Lake Lenape Dam Grant Petition

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