New Jersey State Trooper Robert Meyer was off-duty and sleeping after a long night shift on Saturday afternoon when he woke up to a knock at his door.

The neighbor (who Meyer never met before) went to Meyer’s house when she noticed a marked law enforcement vehicle parked outside. She told the off-duty officer that her two-week-old Granddaughter, Elizabeth, was choking!

Naturally, Meyer darted out of his house, without any shoes on, as his heroic instincts kicked in to save the baby girl.

When he got to her, he found the baby blue and not breathing. The trooper tried patting the baby on the back to free the airways but nothing was working. So he asked if anyone around had something with suction, and luckily--the dad did! Meyer used a bulb syringe to help remove the obstruction from the baby's windpipe.

"While she was feeding, she vomited, and it was vomit and mucus that got caught in her nose and throat...And we saw a lot of babies getting suction, they're all small, there are a lot of complications."

Police say that the infant suffered no serious injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

Source: Fox News

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