When New Jersey State Troopers are putting on their uniforms and preparing for their shift, they have no idea what they will encounter on patrol that day.

For Trooper Scott Whitehead, March 12th was an interesting day as he assisted in the birth of a baby!

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According to New Jersey State Police, Whitehead got an assist in the birth of the baby boy:

 Whitehead was on patrol in the area of Cottage Avenue and Giles Road in Bridgeton City, Cumberland County when a man saw his troop car and pulled over to ask for help. The man exited his vehicle and told Trooper Whitehead that his wife was in labor, and he didn't think they were going to make it to the hospital in time.

Trooper Whitehead immediately contacted dispatch to request an ambulance and paramedics and calmly assisted the mother in delivering a healthy baby boy.

Shortly after, EMS arrived to transport the mother and baby to an area hospital where they were last reported as doing well.

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