We have a salesperson in our building who brings in boxes and boxes of pastries every Friday morning. That is, except for today. And what happened after that information was made public pretty much explains so much about so many people.

That amazingly generous salesperson happens to be off today -- no reason given, not that we're in a position to question why our coworkers aren't here (except for maybe Joe Kelly, Georgia or Chris Coleman).

Nonetheless, one of our managers decided to email the staff just before 8:00 this morning to let everyone know that this salesperson would be off and that there would be no pastries in the break room. The following are a few actual email responses, sent to everyone in the building, minutes after hearing the news:

"Worst. News. Ever."

"My life is officially over"

"If I knew about this ahead of time I would have stayed home."

"WHY!!!!   WHY!!!!  There is no God"

I can't make this stuff up folks! I send emails to the whole staff asking for information about various work-related things we're doing and I'm lucky if I get one response within a week's time... priorities! So, in conclusion, no pastries equals end of days. Have a great weekend!

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