It comes as no surprise that people are snapping more pics of their dogs than they are of their significant other. A study done by found that 65% of people are taking more pictures of their dogs than of their significant other. Can we blame them? The answer is no.

I typed "dog" in the search bar of my phone's photos and found that I have taken about 100 photos of my dogs. I am not even remotely ashamed.

Fox 29 reported on the study called The Truth About Dog People explaining that they, "...[S]urveyed thousands of dog owners to dive deeper into their minds." described the study stating, "The report includes responses from thousands of dog owners across the country as well as scientific research on pet parents’ relationships with their dogs. Overall, the data revealed that the human-dog relationship has evolved from one of ownership to one based on kinship."

If you have a borderline embarrassing amount of photos on your phone of your furry friend, don't be because you are in the majority. also discovered that:

  • 94 percent consider their dog a part of the family.
  • One in three pet parents have shed a tear when leaving their dog at home.
  • One in four pet parents have brought their pet on a date.

Find out more of their findings at

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