Sky Farm Nudist Resort As far as nudist resorts go, this one is the oldest in the country.  Sky Farm is nestled away over 35 acres in Basking Ridge.  It's a members-only resort that is owned by the members.  They have a heated pool, hot tub, sauna, clubhouse, and a community kitchen.  They have plenty of activities to keep you busy.  It should be noted that this is a family-friendly resort.

Goodland Country Club Located in the Northwest New Jersey rural town of Hacketstown, Goodland Country Club is a seasonal resort with cabin, and tent rentals, as well as RV sites.  They have swimming and planned rec activities.

Gunnison Beach Although not a resort, Gunnison Beach, located in Sandy Hook, is New Jersey's only clothing-optional beach.  The beach is clean and there are people from every walk of life.

Happy Traveler via YouTube
Happy Traveler via YouTube

More...Ok, I decided to include a couple of resorts outside New Jersey.  If you've never been to a nudist resort and don't want to risk running into your neighbors, you might want to expand your search to places outside New Jersey that are within driving distance.  Both of these resorts are about a two-hour drive from our region.

Beechwood Nudist Camp This resort is located in Northeast Pennsylvania's Carbon County.  It's the northernmost part of the Poconos.  They are open to families and singles and seem to take security very seriously.  They have an indoor pool, nude hiking trails, tennis, volleyball, and camping sites.

Sunny Rest Resort This is another resort that's based in the Poconos.  This one is located in Palmerton.  They have some outstanding amenities.  In addition to pools, they have a restaurant and bars.  Activities include tennis, pickleball, beach volleyball, and more.

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