Ocean City beachers, might we suggest you fill it with regular before heading to the island?

6ABC reports that Ocean City, NJ only has ONE gas station left. If you recall, the Sunoco on 9th street was up for sale late last year. As of December, it wasn't even selling gas anymore.

The last gas station on the island is the Sunoco on 34th Street. The summer's going to be rough since now the island only has one option. Most people should either fill up on the mainland before their day trips or stop in Somer's Point before heading home.

No predictions have been made yet by the local government what effect this could potentially have on Ocean City tourism, but the owner of the repair shop attached to the 9th street gas station believes it will. Don Weisenthal has been on the hunt for a new location for his repair shop since the closing.

Source: 6ABC.com

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