We've said it before and we'll say it again: South Jersey has it all.

Whether you love our close proximity to three major cities, our beaches, or the Pine Barrens, South Jersey really is the best spot to be if you don't want to skimp on some pretty awesome food, experiences, and people.

With that being said, we wanted to know what are some of your favorite things about South Jersey. You answered us on Facebook:


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    A number of different breweries call South Jersey home. Some most noted include Pinelands Brewing Company, Hidden Sands, and Garden State.

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    This one isn't exclusive to blueberries even though Hammonton is the blueberry capital of the world. You won't find fresher blueberries anywhere else! The same holds true for Jersey produce in general. It's some of the best.

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    More than one person commented on the beauty of South Jersey sunsets. They really are breathtaking.

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    The People

    South Jersey is one of the most diverse places one could live. People from all over and from all different walks of life call this area home. The region is better for it.

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    If you live in South Jersey, then you can easily get to New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. in under three hours. Let's not forget that includes all the smaller cities in between here and there like Trenton, Princeton, Wilmington, Annapolis, and Baltimore.

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    The Pine Barrens

    South Jersey's pine barrens play host to some of the best hikes, hunts, and wildlife on the east coast. Not to mention, the woods come with the epic legend of the Jersey Devil.

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    The Beaches

    This one comes at a shock to no one. Obviously, South Jersey is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. We love the beaches and so does everyone else. As someone so eloquently pointed out in the comments, "we live where they vacation".

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    The Boardwalk

    Nothing beats a summer night on the boards. The rides, the lights, the breeze, the stores, the food... it's all great! Some of the best memories are made on the boardwalk.

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    The Food

    Almost everyone commented on the deliciousness of South Jersey's pizza, cheese fries, funnel cakes, seafood, etc. The list is never ending.

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