Have you gone to a New Jersey fast-food restaurant lately?

Unless you specifically ask for a plastic straw with your beverage (and, frankly, who remembers?) you're handed a paper straw with your soda.

Have you ever used a paper straw?


It's literally like sticking a piece of paper in your mouth.

Then, you suck up the liquid and you're paper straw does its thing, but it's not a favorable experience.

So, why the paper straws?

Your New Jersey government leaders, in their infinite wisdom, decided that plastic was bad, and the best place to start getting rid of plastic was with the small piece of straw that you put in your mouth. (Plastic bags are going away soon, too.)

Here's the law on straws, according to NJ.GOV:

"Beginning on November 4, 2021, food service businesses shall only provide a single-use plastic straw to a customer upon request by the customer. Food service businesses are required to keep an adequate supply of single-use plastic straws. Stores may continue to sell packages of single-use plastic straws and provide/sell a beverage pre-packaged by the manufacturer with a single-use plastic straw, i.e., juice boxes."

So, all that being said, let me present a photo that shows off the stupidity of this new law:


That's a cold beverage I got from McDonald's. Since I didn't ask for a plastic straw (again, who remembers?), I received a paper straw.

If you notice the straw is paper - BUT THE CUP IS PLASTIC!

McDonald's used to give me a PAPER CUP and a plastic straw.

I'm not an environmental genius, but it would seem to me that a plastic cup, which is bigger than a plastic straw, would be more of an environmental problem.

Thanks, Governor Murphy and state legislators. Thanks for nothin'.


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