It sounds like a wild and weird suggestion, but it actually makes total sense. Plus, if there's anything every New Jersey longs for right now, it's new ways to save a couple dollars.

Why should you keep paper towels in your New Jersey refrigerator?

For good reason, I assure you. Although, I should admit that you probably do a lot better job at remembering to put your groceries away than me. If you're one of those people that immediately walks in the house and empties all of your grocery bags, I salute you. I sometimes lose focus and then remember I didn't finish, so I sprint back into the kitchen to make sure I at least put all my frozen items in the freezer.

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I know... it's embarrassing but I am who I am.


Experts say keeping paper towels in the fridge could save you a lot of money on specific food items

We're quick to reach for a paper towel when an uh-oh occurs. But, we should be putting paper towels in the fridge with each and every grocery trip. If not for any other reason but to save our produce. It can actually preserve the life of the fruits and veggies in your crisper, keeping them good to eat for a lot longer.

How many times have you had to throw away fresh produce because you didn't get a chance to prepare it before it started going bad?


How do you line the paper towels in your fridge?

Easy! You line your pull-out drawers with paper towels before putting your veggies in. You must make sure, though, that you replace the old ones with a new set of paper towels each time you restock your fruits and veggies. The paper towels will absorb any moisture that contributes to the premature rot as opposed to just leaving them in the plastic bags from the produce department.

Drier produce = longer shelf life.

The more you know! Message us on the app to let us know if this paper towel fridge hack works for you!

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