The Philadelphia Eagles will have us seeing green this upcoming season.

I love a good throwback moment, and I particularly love this move for the birds.

Kelly green, as bright as could be, was the color of choice for Philly Eagles jerseys in the 1980s. Just thinking about them right now instantly brings on memories of team members who wore them well from Ron Jaworski to Reggie White to Randall Cunningham.

According to Philadelphia Eagles on CBS Sports, team owner Jeffrey Lurie has confirmed the birds will indeed go old-school for the 2023-2024 season, going back to their roots in Kelly green.

As much as I love the sleekness of the all-black uniforms the Eagles donned last season, I'm stoked to hear about the resurgence of the Kelly green. It just makes sense.

What that means for ME is that I've gotta get on the horse and see about tracking down two things: 1) My OG (now vintage) Randall Cunningham jersey, and 2) one of those old-school Kelly green satin Eagles jackets from the 80s.

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How do you feel about the Eagles going green for the upcoming season?

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