There's a strip of beach at the confluence of Egg Harbor Township, Longport, and Ocean City known informally as "Dog Beach."

Parking at dog beach just got clamped down.

Actually, the clamping down began back on July 4th weekend, as police were seen ticketing cars parked illegally on the road near the beach - something that might have been overlooked in the past.

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Apparently, it won't be overlooked any longer.

Egg Harbor Township Police have published a notice on their Facebook page, explaining that cars parked illegally on Ocean Drive will be ticketed - or towed.

The notice says that vehicles parked on the street are subject to a summons with a fine of $200. Vehicles will be towed as well, at a minimum rated of $135, plus a $20 a day storage fee.


Ruff! Ruff! Ruff!

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