Here's a reminder to take advantage of all the puppy cuddles you can with your family pet. You never know what day may be the last.

That's the reality for an Ocean County woman who lost not only her home to fire, but her dog also. reports that a house went up in flames last week in the Manchester Township section of Ocean County due to what the authorities are saying was a result of smoking material.

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The fire must've been a doozy though, because the homeowner did have to be taken to the hospital for further treatment of injuries sustained during the incident.
The thought of losing any of our pets in such a way is horrifying, but the story that explains what happened in this particular incident has me side-eyeing. What does "improperly disposed smoking material" mean? Apparently, that's how the fire started in the first place. I can't dig deeper into the meaning of that phrase, but I'm sure your mind is filling with a bunch of different ideas just like mine.

The fire wasn't intentionally set, but the words chosen to explain how it started might lead one to believe that it may have been preventable. That, we'll probably never know. It's just hard to wonder whether or not the pup might still be here had things gone another way. Now at least, the dog is at peace. However, that's not a way any pet owner would want to see their beloved animal go.

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