A happy ending is such a beautiful thing.

Rianna, also known as RiRi, who ran away from the May 6, 2022 house fire (Scholey/Sibbert Families) on the 300 block of Superior Road, Egg Harbor Township has been found.

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RiRi was on her own for the past 10 days. The Scholey/Sibbert Families never gave up hope.

After about 10 days, they are reunited and, yes, it feels so good.

We know that there has been a great deal of community interest about RiRi and we wanted to share the great news with you as soon as possible.

RiRi was found at The Bargaintown Park Soccer Field.

Justin Sibbitt, with the help of 10 other people spent four hours today before recovering RiRi.

I first learned of this wonderful news from an immediate family member of mine, who lives near The Scholey/Sibbert families.

I’m an eternal optimist, and I just knew that there would have a happy ending here. Dogs are so resilient and the unconditional love of the human family had no boundaries.

Scholey/Sibbert photo.
Scholey/Sibbert photo.

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