Listen, I am fully aware that wildlife live where? In the wild. I know that I can't expect to enjoy the outdoors without seeing them.

Let's get that out of the way first.

Now, I will say when I saw this picture making its way around social media, I couldn't help but gag a little. Before everybody comes for me, just know that yes, I'm aware that animals live outside and if I'm going to enjoy spending time out there, I'll have to accept coming face to face with them from time to time.

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I'm sorry, but what I don't expect to see is a rat walking right next to my beach chair while I'm trying to relax and take a nap on the sand. That's exactly what someone encountered while walking the inlet in North Wildwood. They were able to capture a photo of a rat making its way through the sand.

Again, I'm fully aware that there are plenty of animals that live in the dunes. Heck, even coyotes are spotted in North Wildwood from time to time. What I don't expect to see is a rat where I would expect a seagull.


The pictures feature a rat walking along the beach like it owns the place. This is one of those situations where, at least for me, I know they're there. I've always known they're there. I just haven't ever seen one in the light of day pushing its way through the sand. That makes me want to barf.

Technically, we're the intruders, right? If the rat lives in the dunes, then we're the ones trespassing on their turf.

Check out the pics for yourself HERE.

Source: Facebook

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