Yes, you read that correctly. Winners, plural.

Yesterday, we wrapped up our search for an awesome local artist or band to perform at Barefoot Country Music Festival in Wildwood this week. All summer long, we've been at Renault Winery in Egg Harbor City taking in some pretty amazing talent. The winner from each week was invited back to the finals of our Rising Stars Competition yesterday where it was our job to determine a winner out of all the finalists.

Make no mistake, that was hard.

If you've had the opportunity to judge a talent contest before, then you probably understand where we're coming from with this one. Or, maybe you don't. Guess it all depends on how good (or not) your talent was. Listen, ALL of the acts who performed yesterday were SOOOOOO incredibly good. Joe even said it on stage in Renault's Champagne Patio Garden. If anyone ever comes to us asking for great local country artists, we know who we're directing them to.

With that being said, we had to choose a winner. To put it plain, we couldn't choose just one. So, we worked a little magic (i.e. called the Barefoot people) & were able to choose THREE winners out of our 11 finalists.

The winners of our 2021 Rising Stars Competition who will be playing at Barefoot Country Music Fest this year are

1.) The Jessica Rose Band

2.) Not Leaving Sober

3.) The Jess Zimmerman Band

You can catch this amazing group of musicians this weekend at Barefoot on the beach in Wildwood. First up is Jessica Rose Band! They'll play the Blue Moon Stage at 2:30p on Saturday! Next, you'll see the Jess Zimmerman Band at 1:30 on SUNDAY on the Blue Moon Stage followed by Not Leaving Sober on the same stage at 2:30!

Congratulations to all contestants. A great job was done by all, truly. To the winners - we'll see ya Saturday!

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