The news broke over two years ago now that one of South Jersey's legendary small amusement parks was closing its gates forever after over 110 years in business.

Clementon Park and its waterpark, Splash World, in Clementon, Camden County, closed up shop for good at the end of the 2019 season. If you apply some common sense based on the happenings of the last year, it probably served them well that they pulled the plug when they did. Still, so many families from all over South Jersey have fond memories of heading to Clementon as kids and enjoying the 50+ acres of amusement attractions.

As of Tuesday, all those attractions are officially available to purchase through auction. reports that everything from the Ferris wheel to the roller coaster is up for grabs. You could even take ownership of everything in the waterpark.

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Apparently, the listing even goes into detail about things like the concession equipment, picnic tables, and other various items throughout the park. Obviously, if someone wanted to, they could buy everything together outright. Most likely, though, the rides and such will each be bid on by companies that put on traveling carnivals or some sort of similar event with those attractions.

While the doors have been closed for almost two and a half years, now that the park is literally being brought to its knees in pieces really makes it feel like this the end. Who knows if we'll even be able to drive by the place and recognize it for what it once was. Still, a lot of great memories were had at Clementon Park by many. Now, it really is time to say goodbye.


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