Watch out for Myrtle! She's on the run!

If you don't know who Myrtle is, first of all, take note of the fact that she's not actually a person. She's a ghost. For the folks at one of the most beloved watering holes in South Jersey, somebody's got some explaining to do. She was NOT a happy camper this week.

Just a quick disclaimer here... yes, we're all aware that this place isn't really haunted. For all the Karens and Chads, it's a joke. Try laughing sometime.

The crew over at Sweetwater Marina and Riverdeck took to Instagram this week to share a reel of a little mishap that went down during a shift gone wrong. Somehow, the golf cart that one of the workers was using to jet around the property went rogue and could have wound up in the water if it weren't for the trucks that were blocking its way.

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All I have to say in response is "well done, Sweetwater." There are certain establishments and/or bosses that would have been a lot less chill about a situation like this. This is why so many locals and tourists alike love to spend time at the place. The staff is just as relaxed as the atmosphere.

Don't get me wrong, they all work extremely hard to make sure all of the guests enjoy their time there, but they're so laid-back and it shows. That's why the place has captured the hearts of so many here in South Jersey.

Seriously though, it is a little bit creepy how the golf cart randomly just drives off on its own. WATCH:

It looks like a box fell and knocked out the emergency break, right? Let us know what you think happened in the comments!

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