Good Morning America and The Today Show are battling for big ratings this week!  But what happened to Ryan Seacrest this morning?

Ryan Seacrest tried to tease us yesterday with his 'Big NBC Announcement on The Today Show.'  That big announcement was supposed to happen this morning on the show.  So what happened?

Well, the two morning show giants are going tit for tat for ratings... So I figure they are trying to draw out some viewers by delaying the big announcement.

Katie Couric is currently filling in for the vacationing Robin Roberts on Good Morning America.  So what does the Today Show do?  They book Sarah Palin as a co-host.  Then they promote a "surprise legend" that would stop by this morning.

Who could it be?

Meredith Vieira.  She'll be helping out with NBC's Summer Olympics coverage.


Then according to The Washington Post,

About half an hour in to Tuesday’s show, “Today” co-host Matt Lauer showed viewers a tweet from Seacrest: “I’m feeling a little pain from elbow surgeryd, doctors say no travel for a day, so c u on @todayshow wed am.”

Sometimes these little teasers can be really great and stir up a lot of curiosity.  This time it didn't work.  Ryan Seacrest is probably going to join Meredith Vieira in London for the Olympics or he's going to be joining the Today Show family in an entertainment role.  Comcast owns both NBC and E! Network, where Seacrest is currently reality show king.

I guess I will have to wait to hear the "big" news tomorrow.