What I saw on my colleague's Facebook page legitimately gave me pause. No joke, this may be something triggering to native New Jerseyans.

Now there are plenty of crimes against pizza that you’re familiar with:

LIking deep dish is something to be ashamed of.

Pineapple is always a questionable choice.

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Getty Stock / ThinkStock

Folks, there are even people who don’t mind ordering a pie from Pizza Hut despite living in New Jersey. Can you imagine??

That said, I need your opinion on what New Jersey 101.5's Chief Meteorologist, Dan Zarrow, burdened his family with. He calls them "Pepperoni Pizza Pancakes."


Dan Zarrow photo
Dan Zarrow photo

Let that sink in. Pepperoni. Pizza. Pancakes.

Those three words are great on their own. The combination of the three? Criminal.

Here's Dan's attempt at explaining himself:

The story... I was searching for 'kid friendly recipes' since I am sick of making and eating the same dinners every week. Grilled cheese, hot dogs, tacos, spaghetti, pizza. Rinse, lather, repeat. Anything else, they just won't eat. Well, my kids do like pancakes. And my kids like pizza. So this seemed like a winner.

... Did it?

It just looks like a mistake. The cheese doesn't even cover the whole pancake. And am I to believe that the tomato sauce is supposed to be treated like syrup?

What are we doing here?


Not only are we a state that prides itself on pizza, but we've also nailed breakfast food. Just look at how many great diners we have!

So how did Dan's family feel about being fed this crime?

Oldest son cleaned his plate.

Middle kid puked.

And the little guy ate exactly one bite.

That bite is one too many.

So am I alone in thinking this is a bonkers recipe? Let me know if you would try this crazy combination:

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