There is a trend that is slowly growing in the U.S. to ban the phrase "best friends" in schools... While this was only an idea a few months ago, a Massachusetts pre-school is enacting the ban.

Schools want to promote inclusiveness to ensure no student feels left out. Clinical psychologist Dr. Barbara Greenberg explained, "I see kids come in all week long who are feeling dreadful because they are excluded and because they are either nobody’s best friend or their best friend has moved on." The idea is to promote a group of friends dynamic rather than a single best friend. Not only does Dr. Greenberg think removing the phrases best friends or best pals, or any other derivative of that, will help kids feel less excluded, but she would also like to see assigned seating in the lunch room.

As of now, there is only one case in which a student was told that she was not allowed to call her friend her best friend. However, this has been a discussion for the past few months.

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