NJ.com just released the top 50 elementary and middle schools in the state. According to the article, there are over 2,000 elementary and middle schools in New Jersey. As someone who grew up in a town with three middle schools and twelve elementary schools, this doesn't surprise me.

In the past, ranking elementary and middle schools was a difficult task. The state now ranks these schools using standardized testing, PARCC testing. The PARCC testing is given to students starting in 3rd grade. The breakdown of the ranking is as follows: English and math proficiency both count for 17.5% of the ranking each, 50% of the ranking comes from English and math growth, with both holding 25%, and the final 15% is based off of chronic absenteeism. So, which South Jersey school made the top 10 in the state?

Coming in at #6 is Cape May City Elementary School. The elementary school scored a 93.54 out of a possible 100. The school holds grades kindergarten through 6th grade with 175 kids.

Testing 101 6 Things

Two other South Jersey schools made the top 50.

Joseph D. Sharp Elementary School in Cherry Hill tied for 47th with Madison Junior School. The Cherry Hill school scored 87.66 out of 100. The school holds grades kindergarten through 5th grade, with 367 students.

Coming in at 38, Taunton Forge Elementary School in Medford scored an 88.61. The school has kindergarten through 5th grade and 292 students.

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